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We offer technical services with strong knowledge of  Microsoft Dynamics AX / D365

Our generic services include implementation, tailor made design, technical architecture, technical project management and environment maintenance and support.

All our services can be handed over by agreement or hour contracts to the end customers and as a subcontractor to ERP solution vendors.

Our permanent staff with solid technical knowledge are all Finnish natives.
Together, as a team of Microsoft Dynamics AX / D365 professionals, we offer our years of experience with exact and wide understanding throughout the Microsoft Dynamics AX / D365 with the user perspective.

Services include:

  • Technical implementation
  • Tailor made technical design
  • Report design
  • Technical architecture
  • Technical project management
  • Environment maintenance and support
  • Environment installation
  • Environment measurement
  • Evaluation of technical implementations
  • Database problem solving

Our areas of expertise:

  • Tailor made technical design
    Transforming the requirement to an implementation can be challenging when various variables need to be considered like maintenance, stacking information masses, usability and cost effectiveness. We are experienced in this area and we can be inventive if required.
  • Process change design for ledger processes
    We have extensive knowledge about ledger module technical solutions and real life problems. We can use this when designing a proper change to the system.
  • Report design
    With solid experience, we customize reports to suit customer’s needs.
  • Improvements of existing technical solutions
    It is normal that different standard and custom components degrade in performance over time. We have a lot of experience in improving processes to make them more efficient and quicker.
  • Full stack of environment maintenance from implementation to deploying to production
    We have strong experience in how to manage the technical implementation of the environment and moving solutions to production.


  • Technical architect service
    We have extensive experience about technical architect role in different situations. We will use that to choose the most suitable approaches for new and existing environments.
  • Integration solutions
    We can offer the best integration solutions based on our wide knowledge.
  • Technical maintenance of the production environment
    We have a wealth of experience in maintaining the production environment and solving it’s problems, taking into account the usability of the environment for end users.
  • SQL performance problem solving
    ERP sets special challenges for the database server. We are experienced to solve performance problems in SQL.
  • Our expertise covers most of the modules but below is what we are best at:
    • Ledger
    • Sales
    • Inventory
    • Purchase
    • System admin


  • Light integration stand alone solution using Altova development tools